Hi , I'm Emily.I am 16
years old, i have a lovely boyfriend, who him an i are currently fighting the distance between us. we saw each other for the firs time on july 28th โœˆ . we have been waiting for that for five years . we have been friends for four years and been together for 1. That is how i know ldrs work. all you have to do is try and be patient for the one you love.
๐ŸŒ™ been together : 1 year & five months .๐ŸŒ™

Instagram: _Emirii_

This is my personal blog to vent and to get stuff out, I Post things that are mostly about depression, Suicidal,self harm, Long distance relationship(LDR's). All around there. Im recovering from self harm. , i am suicidal & depressed ,.I am very awkward and don't have any friends. I will always be there for anyone. If you need to ask something or get something off your chest, I will be here and try my best to help you. Don't even have to be a follower, i will just be glad to help in any way as possible . Never give up . Remember there is hope & faith in everybody. Just got to go find it. I love you, stay strong. YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL ! If you want to chat , i made a Kik my username Mayday_Captain.

  • Me: oh thats cute
  • *checks price tag*
  • Me: no its not